Realistic Pool Surface Scenes – 12X6 Rectangle


Here are three alternative Realflow scenes in which a standard-size rectangular shallow pool is being rippled gently by a very small amount of air disturbance.

These are three alternative pool surfaces, each representing a very light and subtle amount of air movement. Please look carefully at the attached preview-quality videos.

In the first scene, the surface ripple is at a “typical” speed and has a very shallow breeze effect.

The second scene has a more substantial ripple and a little greater depth.

The third scene has a very subtle and extremely shallow amount of air movement.

The depth of these pools surfaces is great enough to look like either shallow or deep water (as in a swimming pool). The gently moving surfaces have built-in “caustics” – there is no need for a special “caustics water” shader. Any clear or pure water material will work well.

Shouldn’t the pools in your architecture visualizations be at least as realistic as your trees and plants?



These three realistic pool surface scenes display pool water moving in a subtle way across the pool due to slight air disturbance and very light breezes passing by.

The pool surfaces are Realwave meshes that are generating particle surfaces via various slight deformation patterns – they are moving at different angles to the rectangular pool structure as would occur in a natural environment.

Each of these three alternative pools surfaces has been timed to move very slowly – there are no strong breezes reflected in these scenes..

These three surface meshes are 6 x 12 in any metric or imperial measurement system.

For your convenience, four fully textured and UV Mapped shallow basins are included in the package.


Surface 1

Surface 2

Surface 3

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