Reflecting Pool Breeze 12X12 Scene


There’s something very calming about the quiet passage of wind ripples across a reflecting pool.

This Realflow scene set gives you the ability to create a great variety of animations of a subtle breeze blowing across the top of a shallow square reflecting pool.

The breeze is subtle. It has a low leading edge and creates multiple ripples within the body of air moving across the reflecting pool. The ripples gently expand outward as the breeze moves across the pool surface. These ripples gradually die away over time, returning the area of the pool over which the breeze has passed to a still state, once again.

Your have four main user controls.

  • You can direct the breeze across the pool in any path you want.

Four pre-built paths are included here for your convenience. But the key value in this product may be the extensive explanation in the document about how to create your own animated breeze path, one which can change direction. The document explains how to additionally vary the size and shape of a breeze during its movement across the pool, and how to simulate periodic puffs of air.

  • You can  use any of four different breeze shapes upon the water.
  • You can change the height of the ripples on the surface
  • You can change the pace of movement of the breeze across the reflecting pool so that the beeze moves quickly or slowly.

For those willing to try some advanced controls, you may also change the rate of dissipation of the ripples, the number of ripples in the advancing breeze and the speed of passage of the breeze across the reflecting pool.

The scene includes the UV mapped and textured basin structure and the surrounding deck pieces, for your convenience.  (More technical details are described below.)

The subtle details of a rippling breeze may be difficult to see in the thumbnail views – click on any of the pictures to increase their size for a better view.