Reflecting Pool Breeze 6X12 Scene


There’s something very calming about the quiet passage of wind ripples across a reflecting pool.

This Realflow scene set gives you the ability to create a great variety of animations of a subtle breeze blowing across the top of a shallow reflecting pool.

The breeze is subtle. It has a low leading edge and creates multiple ripples within the body of air moving across the reflecting pool. The ripples gently expand outward as the breeze moves across the pool surface. These ripples gradually die away over time, returning the area of the pool over which the breeze has passed to a still state, once again.

You have four main user controls.

  • You can direct the breeze across the pool in any path you want.

Four pre-built paths are included here for your convenience. But the key value in this product may be the extensive explanation in the document about how to create your own animated breeze path, one which can change direction. The document explains how to additionally vary the size and shape of a breeze during its movement across the pool, and how to simulate periodic puffs of air.

  • You can  use any of four different shapes.
  • You can change the height of the ripples on the surface
  • You can change the movement of the breeze across the reflecting pool to blow quickly or slowly.

For those willing to try some advanced controls, you may also change the rate of dissipation of the ripples, the number of ripples in the advancing breeze and the speed of passage of the breeze across the reflecting pool.

The scene includes the UV mapped and textured basin structure and the surrounding deck pieces, for your convenience.  (More technical details are described below.)

The subtle details of a rippling breeze may be difficult to see in the thumbnail views – click on any of the pictures to increase their size for a better view.






This scene begins with a shallow rectangular reflecting pool  6 X 12 in size. The pool is intended to be low to the pavement surface. It has a raised edge with a shallow outward slope to prevent debris from entering the pool, and to impede people from inadvertently stepping into the pool.

In most of the pictures above and in the attached videos, the bottom of the reflecting pool is shown as dark blue in order to clearly display the surface breeze shape. The dark blue color is created by a blue colored plane temporarily positioned at the bottom of the pool. When this is discarded, you will find that the pool is fully UV mapped and textured with a light white marble texture throughout.

For your convenience, the objects in this scene include 20 standard-size deck tiles arranged around the pool, although it is expected that you will wish to embed this pool in your own pavement, deck or promenade surface. Both the pool structure and the deck plates are fully UV mapped, with textures for all objects included here. No Maxwell Render Materials are needed for this scene. Various VRay 3.3 Materials for this reflecting pool and the deck tiles can be had from me upon simple email request.

The Reflecting Pool Breeze Scene comes with four different Dyverso Spline breeze shapes. These are shown in one of the images above – in motion, they mimic common breeze appearances upon a pool surface. Within Realflow,you can easily edit the four basic breeze shapes to make any of them have almost any shape you wish.

This product also includes four pre-built animation paths – one for each of the four breeze shapes. One wanders around a bit, and another blows and dissipates quickly. One takes a gently curving path across the pool and the fourth takes a straight path at an oblique angle across the pool. While these can be used immediately and mimic actual breezes, they should be regarded as “starter templates” for your own animation paths. The documentation provides a step-by-step explanation of how to make your own breeze path across the pool, so that you may make it blow in whichever direction you want. You can make the breeze wander, curve, follow a fairly straight path from one side to another, start and end at any place along the pool edges, and repeatedly pulse if you wish.

This is one of four common reflecting pool shapes. The other rectangular sizes are 8 x 16, 6 x 16 and 12 x 12. If you need one of these sizes instead of a reflecting pool of 6 X 12 dimensions, you will find the other three equivalent scene file products elsewhere in the Store. All make use of the same breeze shapes, and all have appropriate “starter” animation paths.