Reflecting Pool Kit 1


The Reflecting Pool Kit 1 has rectangular shallow pools in three sizes, proportional to the rectangular pavement slabs included in the kit.

The standard pool has three different water surfaces: smooth or still, windy and disturbed or “agitated.” The half-length pool has just one smooth surface because its size is small, but the double-sized pool has two surfaces: smooth and windy to match those of the standard pool.

There are twelve full-sized slabs, each with a different texture set, and one half-sized slab to use in fitting the half-sized pool into a deck configuration.

Many different deck configurations are possible with these pieces. It also is possible to add small water fountains or water plumes to the pools in this kit.


Reflecting Pool Kit 1 is a package of simply-designed rectangular pools, one or a combination of them might be found in a plaza or garden area facing a public building.

There are twelve dressed and tan-colored concrete plaza slabs of rectangular shape. (Each of these has slightly different texture mapping so that they do not appear to be identical.)  The standard rectangular pool matches the slabs in size and shape, but it has a rounded and raised lip, and a semi-deep basin. The basin is slightly lighter in color than the concrete slabs. The standard rectangular pool has three possible (alternative) water surfaces: smooth, windy and agitated. The pool basin is meant to be surrounded by the slabs to form a plaza area or walkway.

For alternatives, there also is a half-sized pool (half the length of the standard slab, but the width matches the slabs) with a smooth water surface. (This basin pool is too small to make viewing a windy or agitated surface a realistic possibility.)

There also is a double-sized pool basin that is twice as long and twice as wide as the standard slab size. This basin has two possible water surfaces: smooth and windy.

The slabs and one or more basins can be arranged in many different plaza area configurations, as desired.

This kit is currently available in MAX/V-Ray and *.obj file formats. Other versions will be published shortly.


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