Sailboat Race Fountain Scene


A versatile round fountain with stylized metal sailboats, buoys and fountain emitters that you can arrange as you wish. This fountain will add a sense of action to a scene without detracting from your focus on buildings or the fountain's surroundings.

The fountain basin is intended to be knee-high in height and is designed for sitting figures. The metal sailboats and buoys can be arranged as desired. The fountain has independent water surface and fountain emitters. You can make the fountain be calm, windblown, or have upward bubbling fountain sprays and splashes as you wish. For this fountain, an optional filter daemon that you to convert water to foam whenever the water collides with a sailboat or buoy. Foam will bubble upward to the top of the pool surface.

The fountain simulation is the standard 200 frames in length, but you can make it be shorter or longer, as you wish. A sample, preview-quality video of the fountain in motion can be viewed using the Video tab below.

Click on the Magnifying Glass Icon for a better view of the fountain and its individual components.


The Sailboat Race Fountain Scene has many independent components to allow you to place the metal pieces (sailboats and buoys) as you wish.

The Realflow water elements include a pool surface emitter, twelve fountaining emitters and a foam generator.

The pool surface can be made to be windblown, semi-turbulent or calm, as you wish. The pool surface will collide with the metal sailboats and buoys to create a natural wave pattern during the animation.

The twelve upward fountaining emitters can be arranged in any manner you wish. They can take any desired height, diameter and turbulence. When they splash against the metal sailboats and buoys, they will generate foam. The amount of foam is under your control.
The Sailboat Race Fountain Scene components are shown in one of the attached images. Click on the Magnifying Glass icon for a detailed view of these components and the way they are arranged in the Scene.

The metal sailboats and bouys are fully UV-mapped, as is the fountain. The Realflow Scene set includes custom Maxwell Render materials for the basin and for the metal sailboats and buoys. This allows you to render the animation directly within Realflow.

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