Sailboat Race Fountain


Large round fountain with abstract, stylized metal sailboats and buoys. There are two alternative water surfaces, one that bubbles with upward fountaining and one that is simpler, and windblown.

This fountain has moveable components so that you can arrange the sailboats and buoys in any manner that you wish.

This fountain looks good in a public plaza area where contrast to high trees or high buildings is desired.

Click on the Magnifying Glass Icon for a better view of the fountain and its individual components.


The Sailboat Race Fountain has independent components so that you can choose between a bubbling water fountain, or a calm water fountain. The images here show both the bubbling and the simple wind-blown water surfaces.

Another image here displays the independent components.

The metal sailboats and bouys are fully UV-mapped, as is the fountain. Texture files, including the AO, Normal and other maps are included. The water surfaces have built-in caustics in the polygon mesh, so there is no need to employ a caustic shader.

This fountain is available in the universal *.obj file format, with Maxwell Render, Vue and MAX/Vray versions due to arrive soon.