Sauterne Pour 1


This is first pouring scene for Sauterne wine using a distinctive Sauterne wine bottle and Sauterne wine glass type.

Sauterne is a sweet to semi-sweet wine from the Sauternais region of the Graves section in Bordeaux, France. Because the wine is sweet, it is drunk in small quantities, and relatively small glass is used for this purpose. Wines from the Château d’Yquem Estate are considered one of the finest versions, and certainly are the most expensive. New bottles of the wine start with a pale yellow color, and the color becomes darker as the wine ages. Darker color wine is considered to have better flavor with an appropriate balance of sweetness and tart taste.

In this scene, the glass is moderately full of wine. The wine is being poured in a thin stream, as would be typical of a sweet wine meant to be enjoyed in small quantities.

Each of the pouring wine products in the Store uses the style of bottle and the style of wine glass that are appropriate for the type of wine chosen. This makes each product completely accurate.


This Sauterne Pour 1 set consists of the single bottle of wine,  a single glass and the wine pouring from the bottle into the glass. The wine bottle has individual components for the interior and exterior bottle, and for each label element. This allows you to assign or edit the individual materials as you need in order to create the highest possible quality render for your purposes.

The product is available in MAX /V-Ray with versions for Maya (*.ma), *.obj and *.vob coming soon. The MAX scene file includes a light stage.

The renders shown here are created in MAX and V-Ray