Sundial Plinth Fountain Scene


A vertical stone plinth fountain with an old bronze sundial on top. The fountain has tall jets of water on all sides that splash against the plinth, make a lot of foam, and fall back into an agitated basin of water and foam.

This tall fountain works well in a public plaza or against a set of tall buildings where there may be no trees or tall plants for contrast. It also works well in a park where there are tall trees and lots of open space. The tall splashing fountain attracts the eye and provides a sense of action in the setting.

The Realflow scene is straightforward. Standard Speed controls the height of the water jets against the plinth. One filter device is used to change water to foam wherever the water impacts the stone plinth. A second filter device changes a random amount of foam back into water once it has fallen into the basin.

There is a static 3D model version of this Realflow scene.


The Sundial Plinth Fountain Scene is made of standard Realflow elements with no exotic features.

You can control the hight of the water jets against the plinth using the Speed setting.

Wherever water from the upward shooting jets encounters the stone plinth, the water will be converted to foam via a Filter Deamon. Approximately half the water changes to foam in this Scene. As the foam falls into the basin below, about half of that is re-converted to water, via a second Filter Deamon.

The water and foam within the basin are highly agitated, as a result of dropping from a great height. A kill_Deamon prevents water and foam from splashing excessively away from the fountain.

The Scene begins with an initial amount of water and foam in the fountain, and proceeds for 200 steps. You can increase the length of the animation beyond these 200 steps as you wish. This Scene does not need re-timing – it produces a very natural rate of fountaining and falling water with no special features required.

The plinth, basin and sundial are fully UV-mapped. The Scene file set includes a folder for the Maxwell Render stone and old bronze materials used in these images. You may apply different materials as you choose. The Scene will transfer automatically to the Maxwell Render program if you wish.

Preview Quality Clip Of SunDial Plinth Fountain

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