Simple Spray Circular Fountain 1


Single cluster of eight vertical sprays arranged in a circle and centered in a low circular fountain.

This fountain has a very realistic splash foot that is a separate item and can be assigned a brighter foam material than the spray components. The basin water surface is disturbed by the downward spraying water.

A light fixture is in the fountain center for night light illumination.


Simple Spray Circular Fountain has a low (shallow) basin and a central spray fountain consisting of eight vertical sprays arranged in a circle. The sprays rise about six feet and face outward at five degrees from vertical.

The basin is UV mapped with a seamless texture set representing dressed concrete.

The basin, vertical sprays and the foam splash foot are separate items. These can be used independently, or treated as components for other models.

This model is available in MAX/V-Ray and *.obj versions. Maxwell Render and Vue versions will be published shortly.

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"193,486 vertices"

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