Simple Spray Fountain


A simple spray fountain, where each of three vertical sprays is formed by eight thin streams of water shooting upward in a star formation.

There are two different sized low rectangular basins for these three vertical sprays. One of the basins is smaller than the other, more closely fitting the sprays and barely containing them within the basin. The second basin is larger, and the sprays occupy only the center of it. Both basins are made simply of dressed concrete.

There are optional light fixtures for the basin for night light renderings.


For this fountain model, the three vertical sprays of water are individual items that could be re-positioned or re-scaled as needed. They could be put into other basins separate than those that come with this kit.

The smaller of the basins has basin water that is disturbed by and corresponds to the three sprays.

This kit also includes a larger rectangular basin with a slightly disturbed water surface, but the water in the longer basin is “generic” and not shaped so that it specifically reflects the splashing caused by these three vertical sprays.

The basins are UV-mapped and come with a simple seamless “dressed concrete” texture in diffuse file format only.

This fountain is available in MAX/V-Ray and *.obj versions now. Maxwell Render and Vue versions will be available soon.

Additional information

File Format


Polygon Count

"1,204,913 polygons"

Vertex Count

"614,228 vertices"

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"51.072 MB"