Slieberg Sign


A simple stone sign for any public or private place. The sign consists of two vertical slabs of stone set into a narrow rectangular basin. The largest stone bears metal lettering. The basin contains six small water fountains of different heights arranged around the stones to accentuate the metal lettering. The basin water is turbulent and splashing.

The metal letters are samples only. You would replace these with letters of your own to match your needs. The smaller stone could bear a logo for the business being served by the sign.

This model is currently available in *.obj file format.


This is a simple model, rather than a kit.  The placement of the fountaining water plumes is fixed, and the plumes and basin water are a single piece. The stones and basin are UV mapped and textured with a rough-cut light grey marble texture. The texture kit contains diffuse, specular and normal maps.

The lettering for the sign is made of two individual pieces, one for each side of the sign. It is intended that you would replace these with 3D letters of your own, made to suit your needs. If you lack a library of 3d letter models, you will find a few sets elsewhere in the store for a nominal price.

The location of the water plumes is different on either side of the sign, to accommodate normal differences in placement of the letters on each side. When given a relatively clear or simply blurred water material, the fountaining plumes and basin water surface portions of the model render quickly.

Additional information

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Polygon Count

"413, 426 polygons"

Vertex Count

"210, 472 vertices"

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"16.53 MB"