Small Fountaining Piece Scenes


Five different simulations of very small (10-15 cm or 4-6-inch) upward rising water plumes. These are suitable for very small garden or indoor fountains of your own design, for small objects such as drinking fountains in public places, or similar items.

The upward bubbling water is vigorous, catches a considerable amount of light and is interesting to view. It will attract the eye, and draw attention to whatever fountain or fountain source you have designed.

In these simulations the water comes from a circular emitter, fountains upward and then falls back into either a circular or square basin, and drains from that basin.

Key elements designed for user control in this simulation are  –

  • the length of time which the fountaining water will play,  and
  • the amount of movement (or turbulence) in the fountaining water.

Several preview videos of the simulations are shown below

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The Small Fountaining Piece Scenes are very simple simulations  designed to represent water fountains of 10 to 15 centimeters (four to six inches) in height . These are “general utility” pieces that can be put into many different kinds of fountains. They are very high resolution and designed for close-up scenes, but can be used in whatever fashion you wish. Multiple copies can be made and rotated to appear to be tens of similar fountains, if needed.

The simulations each are 60-120 frames, but the length of the simulations can be extended to be as long as you desire.

Because the water simulations are meant to be very high resolution, they use the Realflow Smooth Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH) Solver with a high particle resolution setting.  Simple gravity, attractor, noise and and other daemons are used in various of the scenes to create an array of different kinds of water plume shapes.

The two drinking fountain models shown here are included. These include the simulated stone/marble basins, the metal basin plates, and left and right metal handles. Custom Maxwell Render materials are included, as is a tan marble texture file.

Preview-quality video clips of some of the small fountain pieces in a drinking fountain

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