Small Fountaining Plumes Collection


Here are five small fountaining plumes of water designed for a wide variety of applications.

The fountaining water is deliberately designed to be energetic. Each plume set consists of three parts: water, foam draping body and foam splash puddle, that can be moved or scaled independently. Each piece is high-resolution, so they can be scaled to fit something as small as a drinking fountain, or as large as a patio fountain. (See example images.)

These can be used singly, or in many combinations.

This model is currently available in *.obj file format. Apologies, the updated MAX/V-Ray version will not be available until mid-July.


The five small fountaining plumes in this collection are designed to add an energetic or subtle action element to your render without distracting from the primary objective.

The five sets each consist of three pieces that can be re-positioned or re-scaled to create a unique appearance. The pieces can be used in combination, with different pieces scaled to different dimensions.

The drinking water fountain structure is included in this set, as a gift.


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