Small Garden Rock Pool 1


A small burbling waterfall flows over a concrete foamer and between smooth stones, down into a shallow pool. The stones are surrounded by a sparse Equistrium planting.

The small irregularly shaped pool is designed to be set amid a more extensive planting on all sides. The sparkling water and foam catch sunlight well, and also look very good in dawn and sunset lighting.

This simple waterfall has and needs few user controls. The waterfall in the stone centerpiece foams merrily for as long a period of time as you wish. More or less foam can be generated and the pool water can be made more or less turbulent.

The video below best displays the burbling character of the small waterfall.


The components of this small garden waterfall pool are all individual pieces, and could be re-arranged as needed. This includes the stones, and the individual equistrium plants. All pieces are high resolution for close-up views. All pieces are fully UV mapped and can be given any textures you wish.

The flowing water is noisy: some of it converts to foam as it flows downward. The pool water also has some noise.

Preview Quality Video Of Small Garden Pool Waterfall

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