Small Modern Round Basin Fountain Scene


This small concrete fountain with a white mosaic interior is vigorous and buoyant with a bright foaming top tall enough to complement the basin's shape. The bouyantly foaming top is specifically designed to attract the eye. The fountain “pulses” – that is, it makes a regular change in height.

The fountain is small, simple in design, … suitable for placement in the flowery corner of a garden or tucked in another out-of-the way area for visual surprise and enjoyment.

Click on any picture for a larger, more detailed view. A preview-quality video of the waterfall in motion is shown below.


The small modern round basin fountain scene is a simple fountain intended to add a pleasing, attractive touch to the corner of a garden.

This fountain pulses (changing height periodically), according to a simple “animation curve” that you can adjust as you like. (Or you can eliminate the pulse to obtain a steady flow.) The fountain basin will slowly fill with water, so if you prefer a full basin, you should start your animation sequence somewhere in the middle of this Realflow Scene. The fountain water turns to foam and spray at a certain height, and then the foam turns to water again upon impact with the basin. (Foam striking the water in the basin remains as foam until it comes into contact with the concrete basin.)

The concrete basin fountain is inset with a white moasaic design. The fountain is composed of three pieces: the concrete basin, the mosaic insert and the bronze metal fountain pipe. Each of the pieces are UV mapped so that you may apply either the included textures and normal maps, or subsitute your own. The fountain water is the default “pure water” material provided by Next Limit, but an alternate material with a slightly darker bluish tinge is provided as an alternate water material. Other alternate water and foam materials are available on this site in the Maxwell Render Materials section.

Although this scene is intended for outdoor renders, it performs very well with outdoor or indoor lighting.

Small Round Basin Fountain

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