Small Modern Round Basin Fountain


A simple basin fountain with a pronounced foam crest to add a buoyant and cheerful sense of animation to your scene.
This is a modern concrete construction fountain with a white mosaic tile interior and a bronze fountain tip.
The fountain is small in height, suitable for placement in the flowery corner of a garden or tucked in another out-of-the way area for visual surprise and enjoyment.

There is a Realflow Scene equivalent that provides animation of this buoyant fountain. To see the animation of this fountain water, go here, and click on the Video tab near the bottom of the page.


The small modern round basin fountain is composed of four pieces, each of which are fully UV mapped and include the textures (plus normal maps) shown here.

The foam fountain crest is buoyant, detailed and accounts for the largest portion of the polygon count. If you require a model with a smaller polygon count (less detailed foam top), please contact me.

You may re-texture the fountain structure in any manner that you wish.

This fountain is available now in MAX/V-Ray versions, with Maxwell Render and Vue versions coming soon.