Small Vigorous 3D Waterfall Scene


This waterfall is specifically designed to attract the eye to a vegetation planted area of a garden. The waterfall itself has a vigorous flow – the splashing water, foam and moving pool surface catch quite a lot of light and generate a lot of sparkle as they flow.

The waterfall is a low-to-medium height fall that splashes vigorously on a set of six base stones. The bouncing waterfall roils the pool surface in the area of the stones, and sends ripples entirely across the pool surface. The waterfall extends well out from its point of origin so that it displays clearly within a well-planted setting. The generic rectangular pool surface's size and shape is adjustable – it can be placed within a pool stucture of any shape.

There are many kinds of user-controls for this waterfall – please look at the Details Section below for a description of them.

Click on any picture for a larger, more detailed view. A preview-quality video of the waterfall in motion is shown below.



The Small Vigorous 3D Waterfall Scene has many customizable components. You can adjust the following elements —

Gross-Level Adjustments

  • Height
  • Velocity of the waterfall (including the amount of horizontal extension)
  • Whether or not to have foam streams and strands within the waterfall body, how many separate strands to have within the water body, and the location of those strands
  • Length and width of the pool surface
  • Position of and number of stones at the base (these determine the shape of the splash and foam at the base)
  • The length of the animation (the default frame number is 200, but the waterfall can be made to flow as long or as short as desired)
  • The speed of the waterfall and splash can be controlled by a re-timing setting


Fine-Level Adjustments

  • Amount of foam at the base
  • Amount of foam on the sides of the waterfall
  • Location of the foam streams within the waterfall (including the number of strands)
  • Degree of bounce when the waterfall impacts the stones at the base
  • Length of foam splash moving away from the stones and across the pool surface
  • Height and degree of roiling of the pool surface

The waterfall, foam splash, pool surface and the base stones are UV mapped.

Although this scene is intended for outdoor renders, it performs well with indoor lighting. (The images shown here use indoor lighting.) You could use the Small Vigorous 3D Waterfall scene for a planted semi-garden in a hotel lobby or atrium.

Vigorous Small Garden Waterfall

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