Standing Woman Fountain


A simple marble fountain with an elegant woman posed with two water jugs. The water wells and bubbles up at her feet, creating a small amount of foam and turbulence in the circular pool basin.

The marble is light ivory-white, in keeping with the simplicity of the fountain. The statue of the woman is smoothly detailed. The statue looks good at any viewing angle and under any lighting condition.

This quiet fountain is suitable for a small public space, perhaps a plaza or small park area. It would work well in a garden area.



The Standing Woman Fountain is a statue of a woman draped in soft clothes and holding two water jugs in her arms. The statue rests on a simple plinth in a shallow round basin made of the same marble. Generally, the pool of water in the basin is quiet, but the fountain causes upwelling of water around the base of the statue.

The fountain structure is UV mapped – a very light semi-gloss white marble texture is applied.  Of course, you may subsitute any texture of your choice.

This water fountain model is available in *.obj, Max/Vray, Maxwell Render Scene and Vue versions. The *.obj version package contains diffuse, normal, specular and ambient occulsion maps. The materials for the other renderers are appropriate for those packages.



Additional information

File Format

"OBJ", "Max/Vray", "Maxwell Render Scene", "Maya", "Vue"

Zip File Size

"11 MB"

Polygon Count

"257, 368 polygons"

Vertex Count

"128, 947 vertices"