Studio Lighting Kit For Realflow


This simple, inexpensive studio lighting kit consists of a “lightbox,” a collection of thirty (30) light emitter materials and a document explaining how to use these components to make high quality illustration or product renders directly within Realflow.

The light “box” is made of five “objects” found in the “Objects” directory of the Realflow file set. The primary object is commonly known as an “infinity curve.” This is shaped to distribute light evenly around an object and provide the smooth background typical of “studio” lighting. The top and sides of the box are planes that emit light of your chosen color and strength. A fifth backplane can be used as needed to block stray light coming from behind the camera. The pivot points of the lightbox objects are positioned at the bottom centerpoint of each piece so that the sizes and positions of each can be easily scaled and transformed to fit around the elements of your Realflow scene. You can make the lightbox taller or wider or deeper to suit your requirements.

The light emitter materials are of different illumination strengths and colors. These are applied to the panels of the light box and/or to objects acting as key-lights if you wish to create a standard three-point lighting set-up.

A typical studio lighting image for pouring wine made in Realflfow using this kit is shown to the left. Click on this or any of the tiny additional images for an expanded view.

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The Studio Lighting Kit For Realflow is packaged as a Realflow 2015 Scene set of files. The objects making up the “lightbox” are organized within the “Objects” folder.

The file set includes a folder called “Maxwell Render Light Materials” and this contains 30 different materials for your use. In Maxwell Render, lights are “objects” that have a “light emitter material” applied to them, and that emit light in the direction indicated by the direction of the face normal of the object. The materials can vary in color and in light emission strength (“power”) among other features. For your use, I have constructed a relatively basic set of 30 different light emitter materials that seem relevant to the Realflow environment. Most of these are “white” lights of different powers suited to the Realflow environment, but there are colored lights as well. You can request additional light materials using the “Contact Me” form on this site.

The file set also includes a “Document” folder. There is a *.pdf document in that folder that describes the components of the set-up and how to use it in Realflow. Part One of that document can be viewed here.