Sundial Plinth Fountain


A vertical stone plinth fountain with an old bronze sundial on top. The fountain has tall jets of water on all sides that splash against the plinth, make a lot of foam, and fall back into an agitated basin of water and foam.

This tall fountain works well in a public plaza or against a set of tall buildings where there may be no trees or tall plants for contrast. It also works well in a park where there are tall trees and lots of open space. The tall splashing fountain attracts the eye and provides a sense of action in the setting.

High resolution, medium and low resolution versions are included in this package.

There is a Realflow Scene equivalent to this static model.


The Sundial Plinth Fountain is fully UV-mapped and comes with stone and a few alternative old bronze textures. This model is available in *.obj, Max/Vray, Maya, Vue and Maxwell Render Scene versions.

Because the water and foam portions of the model are complex, high, medium and low resolution versions are included in this package.(The download package is large, because it contains all these versions.)

Foam and water are separate elements so that different materials can be applied to these. You may wish to use only the water component for some views. The high resolution versions are good for foreground placement and close-up views. The medium and low resolution versions are good for middle-ground, and background placement.

MAX/V-Ray and *.obj versions are available. Vue and Maxwell Render versions will be published soon.

The Realflow Scene version of this model is animated. A short video is shown here.