Terracotta Garden Fountain 1


A simple, classically-shaped red clay fountain for a garden area. This fountain has old, weathered terracotta, and three basins in a standard tier form.

The water flows from a simple spigot at the top, and flows downward into each of the three basins. At the lowest basin, the water is collected, and then recirculated to the top so that it does not fall onto the ground.


Terracotta Garden Fountain 1 is a simple, classically shaped baked clay fountain for a garden.

The fountain pumps water out of a top spigot, where it falls down into three basin tiers of progressively larger size. The water is collected in the lowest basin, and then recirculated to the top spigot again, so that it does not empty onto the ground.

The fountain is weathered, the texture file is for old terracotta clay.

The water pieces are in three parts so that different kinds of water materials can be assigned to them as desired. The pools of water in the three basins is one part and can be assigned any plain or default water material. The second part is the falling water droplets from the spigot and falling into all three basins. The spray top and foam formed by the falling water in each of the three basins is the third part. This should be given a white semi-transparent, highly reflective foam material.

The MAX/V-Ray and *.obj versions are available now. The Vue and Maxwell Render versions will be available soon.

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