Turbulent Beach Water Plate


A seamless model – ocean water plate that can be used in foreground, middle and background, in multiple copies to form an ocean scene.

In these images, one plate has been duplicate right-and left, to form one bank touching a simple sand beach plane, and then duplicated three times to the rear to form a seemingly broad expanse of ocean.

Double-click on any of the images to expand the view.

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Turbulent Beach Water Plate is a “seamless model” that can be duplicated multiple times to form a scene of relatively deep waves in an ocean.

The water plate has depth, so that it will catch and transmit light accurately, as shown in the various images above. In these images, a simple clear water material with a slightly greenish color has been assigned to the plates. No other treatment is used.

To use this kind of model, you simple duplicate the plate as many times as needed, and position each so that the edges are butting together to form a continuous surface.

One of the images above displays a beach scene with a little bit of foam bubble lines added, and a set of storm clouds painted in the background. (The foam bubbles are available in the Water Details Kit product in this store.) This image was made in Vue (Version 2014) with a very standard photometric lighting arrangement, set at standard quality. The image rendered within three minutes, demonstrating that the seamless ocean water plates render quickly in a multitude of conventional lighting arrangements.

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