Urban Piston Water Sculpture Scene


This is a relatively large abstract metal fountain with flowing water from multiple sources on the fountain. The fountain is designed so that it can be approached by people, and they can touch the flowing waters. Clear water pours from ten different sources in the sculpture, and it flows downward into a grated drain area. There is little splash so that people can stand nearby or play in the water.

The sculpture fountain is designed for plaza areas or the front area of large buildings with a generally flat facade. The sculpture provides a good contrast in terms of shape and height. It adds interest to a scene without taking away from the achitecture of nearby buildings. Its shape also provides good contrast to trees in the area.

The flowing waters are relatively vigorous, without creating much splash or foam, thanks to the grate drain base. The animation lasts for 200 steps, and can be extended for greater length. It can be re-timed within Realflow to flow faster or slower.

A preview-quality image of the animation is shown below.


This Urban Piston Water Sculpture scene is relatively simple and has no need for extensive user controls. Each of the water sources can be changed to be greater in height, or can be made more “noisy” or adjusted to flow more calmly. If desired, the water in the two basins at either end of the sculpture can overflow and drain into the basin.

Although this scene is intended for outdoor renders, it performs very well with outdoor or indoor lighting.

The scene file includes a set of custom Maxwell Render metal plate materials, so it can be rendered directly within Realflow, or it can be exported to Maxwell Render. The sculpture is UV-mapped, so different kinds of materials can be applied to it. It looks reasonably well as stone or as pressed concrete.

For sunset or sunrise scenes, you might want to download some of the gold or pink tinted water Maxwell Render water materials on this site, and apply them to the waters. If you like, different tinted colors can be applied to different water sources on the fountain for interesting night light scenes. The specialty Maxwell Render Water Materials in this shop are free of charge.

Preview Quality Water Sculpture

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