Urban Piston Water Sculpture


This is an abstract metal sculpture with water fountaining from a multitude of sources. This sculpture is useful in settings where you need something relatively tall or long to provide contrast with simple glass building fronts or with a relatively plain plaza setting. The various shapes and metal plate styling of the sculpture provide visual interest and a sense of action to the setting.

The images here show the sculpture in a typical urban setting under various lighting conditions. Click on the magnifying glass icon to expand the pictures for a more detailed view.


This is a high resolution model set and will look great in modern Physically Based Rendering programs.

The sculpture is UV mapped and comes in three file formats. One format is *.obj for loading into most 3D programs or renderers, the second format is a MAX/V-Ray version. The third is a Maxwell Render *.mxs scene. All format sets include the complete set of textures – diffuse, normal maps, specular, etc. The Maxwell Scene includes Maxwell Render materials.

There is a Realflow Scene equivalent to this model that provides full animation of the flowing water. To see that preview quality video, go here and click on the video tab near the bottom of the page.