Urban Waterfall – London Grey


This is a medium-length waterfall flowing from a metal bar spigot set into a grey stone vertical backsplash into a rectangular trough made of the same material.

The simple polished London Grey stone backsplash and incised basin are accompanied by two squares of the same material on either side. These are optional pieces.

The water pieces consist of the waterfall, the basin water and the foam piece directly under the waterfall. Each can be given an individual water material that is appropriate to your setting.

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Urban Waterfall – London Grey is a long smooth polished stone basin and back splash with a medium-length, medium-height waterfall flowing from the backsplash into the basin. The basin is made of a an artificial marble material called London Grey stone. The basin is incised with an inset abstract wave pattern.

The basin structure is fully UV mapped, and there is an optional Normal Map for the incised portion so that it has depth in renders, if desired.

The basin structure has two optional squares of the same material that can be positioned on either side of the basin (shown in all the pictures) or deleted if desired.

The very high resolution water pieces can be given different materials, as needed and will render well in close-up views. The waterfall, basin water and foam look good in natural sunlight, and particularly good when lit for night scenes. (See the last picture.)

The MAX version has custom Realflow Mental Ray materials applied to the water components.

Additional information

File Format

"OBJ and Max versions available"

Polygon Count

"235, 291 polygons"

Vertex Count

"118, 246 vertices"

Zip File Size

"7.98 MB"