Wall Sheetflow Fountain 3


A medium sized waterfall sheet fountain typically found on the wall of a hotel or corporate building lobby. The flow of water is slightly turbulent.

The fountain structure is a simple marble rectangle with a low basin and the waterfall flows from a polished bronze bar. The basin contains many flat pebbles in a simple grey stone color and six bronze cylinder light fixtures.


A slightly turbulent waterfall of medium size splashing into a narrow marble basin. The waterfall is backed by a high resolution grey marble slab and flows from a thin polished bronze horizontal bar. The marble basin at the foot of the waterfall contains many flat grey pebbles and six polished bronze cylindrical light fixtures positioned just behind the waterfall.

The waterfall sheet flow is very slightly turbulent – it is a single piece ending in a narrow foot within the basin. It will display caustics well, and will look good in a night lighting arrangement.

A separate thin horizontal “basin water” model is included, and it is positioned midway among the stones so that some of the stones appear above the water. This is an optional piece and can be removed from the basin if desired. The light canisters also are separate pieces and can be removed or re-positioned within the basin, as desired.

This model is available in MAX/V-Ray and *.obj versions. Vue and Maxwell Render versions are coming soon.

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"213, 912 polygons"

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"114, 204 vertices"

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"5.1 MN"