WallSheetFlow 1 Realflow Scene


This is a long marble wall fountain with a sheet of water flowing from a metal bar spigot at the top of the marble backplate into a simple basin below. The fountain is designed for the interior of a hotel or any large reception area where you wish to fill space with something pleasing, but not detract from the overall architecture of the area. The fountain flows continuously for a pleasing shimmering effect in both daylight and in night scenes.

You can adjust the water flow for this fountain to be a relatively thin spray, a medium weight of water, or it can be made to be voluminous, with a vigorous flow.  Light bars are ready to illuminate the fountain from the top metal bar or from the bottom of the basin to display the foaming, splashing water.



The water and the splashing foam in this Wallsheetflow 1 Realflow Scene both use the Dyverso fluid solver with the SPH particles to produce a long sheet of constantly flowing water. This is a relatively simple Realflow simulation scene, except for the fact that two separate Dyverso Solvers are used, one to generate the water flow at the top of the fountain, and a second to interact with the first, and generate the foam and splashes at the bottom created by the falling water.

The amount of water falling from the top of the fountain can be controlled by the user. It can be made to be a thin sheet, which is especially good for closer views, or it can be made to be voluminous so that it is clearly seen in distant views. The simulation runs for 120 steps/frames, but can be extended for as many steps as desired. It can be re-timed to move more quickly or more slowly. There are optional light rectangle boxes, one at the top, within the metal spigot bar  and a second in the bottom of the basin pool that is useful for bringing out the detail of the foam and spray.

Of course, the materials used for the marble fountain and the metal bar can be changed as desired.  Several alternative Maxwell Render Materials are included  in this scene file set. For a good shimmering effect at night or when the fountain is in the background, use a glass material, such as frosted glass or diamond.


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