WallSheetFlow 3 Realflow Scene


This mid-length marble fountain sheetflow is specifically designed to have a pleasing shimmering effect in both daylight and night scenes. A medium-density water flow is used so that the water appears clearly in mid- and background scenes, and will light up well for night scenes.

A long-length light is present in the metal bar at the top and point lights are in the six metal canisters in the bottom basin. Together, the lights can shine through the flow from the top to the bottom, although the canister lights can be re-positioned to shine on the waterflow at any desired angle.

User controls include —

  • the length of and the timing of the flow,
  • the thickness of the flowing sheet of water,
  • the turbulence of the flowing sheet of water, and
  • lighting arrangements.

Documentation For This Scene

Double-click on any the pictures to enlarge them. Two pre-view quality videos below show the flowing water in daylight and at night.



This WallsheetFlow 3 Realflow Scene uses the finer-quality SPH Solver to produce a medium-density sheet of constantly flowing water.

One water emitter creates the water flowing from the metal bar spigot at the top of the marble basin. A second emitter creates the foam swirling around the blue-grey pebbles and metal light cylinders in the bottom of the marble basin. The water sheet flowing from the metal bar drives the movement of the foam in the lower basin.

The simulation runs for 60 steps/frames, but can be extended for as many steps as desired. It can be re-timed to move more quickly or more slowly.  The water flow can be made to be more or less vigorous, and the thickness of the flow can be adjusted to be thinner for close-up views, or thicker for background views.

In the Realflow Scene, there is a light rectangle at the top of the waterflow within the metal spigot bar, six lights in the metal canisters and a light rectangle in the bottom pool to bring out the foam and spray detail.  The water and foam materials are somewhat darker than normal so that they will appear clearly in mid and background views. The materials used for the marble fountain, the metal bar and canisters and the materials used for the pebbles in the pool can be changed as desired. Because this is a relatively small fountain and it might be used in a small scene, the Realflow Scene also includes a rear wall prop and a floor prop, along with a Maxwell Render material set for the walls and floor.

A very short two-second preview-quality video of the flowing water with lights.

Simple thinner waterflow with night lights

Daylight view with default water thickness

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