Water Details Kit – Foam Bubbles


This kit is a set of 26 models of clusters of surface bubbles, that is the half-dome bubbles that form on surfaces at the water's edge or on the surface of a water body.  These are designed for close-up foreground views, but also can appear in the middle ground.

The bubble sets are organized into three groups – linear, curved linear and spot groups.

In these images, the bubbles have been given a slightly pink iridescent clear material that would be typical of a slanted sunlight lighting scheme. But almost any semi-clear material will look good on these foam bubbles.

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In the Water Details Kit – Foam Bubbles, there are 26 sets of bubbles.

There are seven (7) sets in the curved line group, six (6) sets in the linear group, and thirteen (13) in the spots group.

In the curved line group, one of the sets is very long and can be used against a wave or lapping shore water edge.

If your requirements are for a set of linear foam bubbles that can be manually curved to fit a particular waterbody, please contact me using the Contact form. Linear lines of foam bubbles that are jointed are available in *.fbx or *.dae file format for a small additional price.

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