Water – Drinking Glass Blue


This is an original blue water material for Maxwell Render and for Realflow. I doubt this color exists in nature, but often you see this color in advertisements for water. It is found in pictures of drinking glasses and water bottles.

The zip file contains a folder with several material files, all with this same color, but varying in terms of light attenuation length. The materials with shorter attentuation lengths are suitable for relatively small water objects, while the files with longer lengths are suitable for larger objects.

Maxwell Render users will need only a single of these material files, and may adjust its properties as needed to suit their scene needs.

Realflow users will find a complete installation and use guide within the zip folder.


This is an original color. It has an HSV value of 194, 164, 217

Please leave a comment if you need help with installation, really like or dislike these materials, or have a request for others.