Water – Entrained Air Package


This is a set of three Maxwell Render Materials that portray streams of entrained air flowing within clear (pure) water.

The images below show the three alternative materials within the package, in contrast to the fourth image that has only a standard clear water material applied to the waterfall. (Click on any image to expand all of them for a more detailed view.)

There are three alternative materials – one that has a medium density set of air streams, one with a low density of air streams and one with a fine (high density) set of air streams. The materials have displacement properties, so the surface of any water mesh will be raised appropriately wherever the air streams occur within the mesh. Choose whichever material is most appropriate for the width of your waterfall.

These materials only apply to water meshes that have been UV Mapped. The displacements and air streaks will be faint or nearly invisible on meshes that lack UV mapping.


Many waterfalls and water sheets flow over rough-edged materials whose roughness causes air to “entrain” within the waterflow. For absolute realism, you may need a Maxwell Render Water Material that displays both the air streams and the changes in water surface brought about by the entraining air. The “Water – Entrained Air Package” is a set of three Maxwell Render materials that have color sets and displacements that create these effects. That is, air streams and streaks will be shown within the water body, and the surface of the water mesh will also be displaced upward wherever these air streams occur in the water mesh. The displacements make the air streaks visible from any viewing angle.

These materials take no longer to render than any other Maxwell Render water material.

Please be advised that these materials apply to water meshes that have been UV Mapped ONLY. The displacements will not work on meshes that have no UV mapping.