Water Wall 1


An unusual water fountain in some museum spaces and public areas is a “water wall.” The “wall” is a set of water jets pointing upward and placed close enough together to form a “wall” of water.

This is a model of a four-foot high, ten foot long water wall. The fountain is made of twenty bronze water jets lined up within a narrow marble basin.

For the sake of your convenience in setting up a scene, six stone pavers are included in this package to frame the narrow marble fountain. You can duplicate these pavers to create a plaza around the fountain.


The Water Wall 1 model consists of the narrow marble fountain and twenty bronze jets and six pieces of pavement, all of which are fully UV-mapped.

Then there is the water component, a single piece representing all twenty jets of water, and the foam component, also in a single piece. The water and foam components of the model have been reduced in polygon count to strike a good balance between realism for foreground views, and economy of polygon count.  Two versions of the model are published here. The first is a normal high-resolution version. The second version is a low-resolution model for when you wish to place the fountain in the background, or view it at some distance. You can have either or both when you purchase this model. (Of course, you can have every version in every file format published here.)

The model is available now in the universal *.obj file format. MAX/V-Ray, Vue and Maxwell Render versions will be available in August 2017.

If you’re curious, you can look at a video of the water wall in action. The Realflow scene equivalent to this model is here.  Just click on the “Video” tab, and then take a look at the preview quality video attached.

Preview Quality View Of Water Wall Fountain

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