Water Wall Scene 1


An unusual water fountain in some museum spaces and public areas is a “water wall.” The “wall” is a set of water jets pointing upward and placed close enough together to form a “wall” of water.

This Realflow scene displays a four-foot high, ten foot long water wall. The fountain is made of twenty bronze water jets lined up within a narrow marble basin. For the sake of your convenience in setting up a scene, six stone pavers are included in this package to frame the narrow marble fountain. You can duplicate these pavers to create a plaza around the fountain.


The Water Wall Scene 1 uses the Dyverso solver to create the water jets, and initial basin water fill.

Two “filters” are used to convert between water and foam in this scene. The first filter translates some of the water at the top of each fountain jet into a small amount of foam. After falling a short distance, the second filter translates the foam back into water.

The twenty water jets differ slightly in speed and randomness to create a natural variation among the twenty jets. The Water Wall Scene 1 also has a kill_Age demon to limit the amount of water drops hitting the pavement pieces, and to allow for a long animation as might be needed for your project.

Controls you might wish to use are the Speed setting, which controls the height of the water jets, and the Water_to_Foam Filter to make produce more or less foam at the top of the water jets.

The scene can be made to run for as many frames as desired, and it can be re-timed to make the fountains be more or less vigorous in appearence.

A short video is available at the right tab that displays the scene in action.

A static 3D model of this water wall is available for purchase here.

Slow Version Preview Of WaterWall 1 Scene

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