Weathered Zinc Bubbler Fountain Scene


High resolution rectangular zinc (metal) fountain with weathered patina. The fountain is a low “bubbler,” for a quiet garden or park area.

The fountain bubbles upward into foam, falls back onto the zinc surface and becomes water again. The water splays across the surface of the fountain, and then falls into grooves cut into the top of the fountain. The water recirculates from the grooved catchments.

The water springs from a brass spigot, and the top of the fountain has a very low circular plate to distribute the water evenly along the top. The metal fountain body rests on an optional ceramic tile base.

The fountain will run indefinetly, and you have a number of controls over the amount of noise, the volume of water and the height of the bubbler.


The modern architecture styled Weathered Zinc Bubbler Fountain scene emits a low water fountain that turns to foam at its apex. The foam falls back to the metal surface and disperses into water again while running across the top of the fountain body.

This is a low and quiet fountain, with just a small amount of water forming interesting patterns on the top of the fountain. It is intended for a quiet garden or small park.

The fountain is currently set to run for 200 frames, but the animation can be made shorter or indefinetly long. You can control the height and the amount  of fluctuation (noise) of the fountaining water.

The fountain is ready to incorporate directly into an Autodesk MAX or Maya scene, or into a Cinema4D or Lightwave scene. The fountain body and tile base are UV mapped, come with a complete set of PBR (physically based render) materials, and include a wet map. Additional wet maps can be generated during the Realflow simulation, of course.

A static model version of this Realflow scene – with high and low resolution versions of the water and the foam – is available elsewhere in the Store