Weathered Zinc Bubbler Fountain


A high resolution modern-style rectangular zinc (metal) fountain that is a low “bubbler,” for a quiet garden or park area.

The fountain water flows upward from brass spigot, turns into splashing foam at the top, and then falls back onto the zinc surface where it runs into grooves cut into the top of the fountain. The water recirculates from the grooved catchments.

TThe metal fountain body rests on an optional ceramic tile base.



This is a low and quiet fountain, with just a small amount of water forming interesting patterns on the top of the fountain. It is intended for a quiet garden or small park.

The fountain body and tile base are UV mapped.   The model comes with both high and low resolution versions of the water and foam components. The high resolution version is for close-up views, while the low resolution versions are suitable for middle ground or background scenes.

This model is available in *.fbx, *.obj, Maya and Maxwell Render scene file fomats. All versions come with a complete set of PBR (physically based render) materials, and include a wet map. The Maxwell Render scene version comes with Maxwell Render Materials.

A animated Reaflow scene version of this model is available elsewhere in the Store