Wild Ocean Banks Dory


Vue file format product only.

The model set includes an exact model of a Banks Dory by Clark Cook and a set of seamless turbulent ocean plates, along with their foam crests. The Banks Dory can be placed anywhere in the ocean plates. The plates can be copied multiple times and placed as desired to fill up the foreground and background to create a large ocean scene.

The seamless ocean plates and foam pieces can be given any water material desired.

See further description below  – click on any image to open a larger view.

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The Wild Ocean Banks Dory set consists of two “Wild Ocean” plates, along with a foam crest layer, the dory and a foam body to surround the dory.

The ocean plates are seamless. When the two plates are placed on top of each other, and the Vue “Ground” layer lowered, they will give the appearance of a deep ocean. Either of the plates should be copied, and moved to fill in the background. Since these are seamless plates multiple copies can be used to make the “ocean” as large as the scene. Copies of the plates in the background can be enlarged (re-scaled to larger sizes) to help fill the background.

The Banks Dory is a type of boat used for cod fishing in the northeastern United States. There are two Vue versions of this model to download. The oars in the Vue Version 11 are fixed in place, but the oars in the Vue Version 2014 can be moved and positioned as desired.

This model set contains a semi-transparent “plug” that has the same shape as the interior of the Dory. The “plug” is used to delete that portion of the ocean plate that intersects the Dory, so that the interior of the Dory will seem to be empty of water when it is down in the water. The process for doing this is to position the Dory on the upper ocean plate as desired. Then, first select the ocean plate, and while that is selected, next select the plug, go to Object on the Top Line Menu and select “Boolean” and then “Difference.” A “Boolean Difference” will hide the portion of the ocean plate within the Dory.

The product comes with this operation performed, so that you can see how it is done. To disable it, select “Difference” in the right-hand menu showing the Object, and then “UnGroup” the “Difference” portion of this object set, and then Ungroup all the components of the entire set. To move the Dory and re-position it, create a group that includes the Dory, the Plug, the Dory Foam and the Oars. Then move this grouping to your desired location on the Ocean plates. At this location, select the upper ocean plate and the plug, and perform a Boolean Difference operation as described above.