Wine Glasses Collection


Do you need very high quality Realflow prop objectss for your wine product adverts or wine pouring scenes?

These thirty-three (33) high resolution, photo realistic models of the major types of wine glasses can be used in Realflow 10 and Realflow 15 scenes.

The Realflow Props package includes high quality Maxwell Render materials for several kinds of clear glass, and for about 50 colored glass types. The materials can be applied directly within Realflow for rendering within Realflow.

This package is priced inexpensively for the Realflow community. Click on any picture to expand the view.

The names of each glass are shown in the product details below.


There are two different packages in the Wine Glasses Collection.

The Realflow package contains the thirty-three glasses, and the Maxwell Render materials packaged as a Realflow 2015 scene. That is, the glasses are pre-loaded into the scene file, and have the Swarovski Glass Material applied to them. You only need to delete the glasses you don’t wish to use for a particular scene. (Of course, the glasses also are loaded within the Objects folder.) These glasses are triangulated, as required by Realflow.

There is a second package for the Maxwell Render program. The glasses in this package are modelled as quads, rather than as triangles. The collection is presented as a Maxwell Render Studio file. The materials are applied, and also present in a file folder in this package as well.

The names of the individual glasses are shown below.
list of glasses in the wine glass collection