Winter Icicle Kit Basic Flat Edge

$30.00 $10.00

Season’s Greetings To All

This is the basic construction kit for adding high resolution icicles to your scene.

There are 18 pieces in this kit, including a long wooden beam. Seventeen of the pieces are icicle segments that all would drip form from a flat (90-degree) edge. These can be arranged in whatever way is needed, re-scaled and cloned. Click on any of the pictures to zoom in for a closer view, and look below for a more detailed description.


The seventeen icicle pieces in the Winter Icicle Kit Basic Flat Edge include

  • five different segments of eleven (11) icicles each (enough to provide a lot of variation across a long roof front)
  • two segments of six (6) icicles to force some irregularity into a long line
  • five individual icicles of different lengths, and
  • five “stubs” – slightly misshapen icicles that often occur in roof or window corners or intersections (resize these as needed).

This kit is available in Autodesk MAX (with VRay Materials), Maya, Vue Version 11, and the standard *.obj file formats.