Zinfandel Tilted Pour


This is an alternative to the Exuberant Zinfandel pouring scene.  Here the wine is poured more quietly into a distinctive Zinfandel wine glass being held at an angle. The wine is splashing less, and the glass is tilted, as would be typical of a pour into a glass with somewhat narrow top.

The glass shape is designed specifically for Zinfandel, although it is commonly used for Chianti as well. This glass shape was developed for Zinfandel by Claus Josef Riedel, a chemical engineer who was among the first glassware experts in history to recognize that the taste of wine is affected by the shape of the glass from which it is consumed. Here the shape of this glass is made to enhance the flavors and aromas of the Zinfandel.




This Zinfandel Tilted Pour set consists of an open bottle of wine,  a single glass and the wine pouring from the bottle into the glass. This is an alternative pour model to the Exuberant Zinfandel Pour model set.

The wine bottle has individual components for the bottle, the label and the foil top. The full, sealed bottle of wine is included in the set to allow for a complete product render if desired. The subcomponents of  the wine bottles make it easy to assign or edit the individual materials as you need in order to create the highest possible quality render for your purposes.

The product is available in MAX /V-Ray with versions for Maya (*.ma), *.obj and *.vob coming soon.

The MAX scene file includes a light stage,lights,  camera and custom V-Ray materials for this particular wine and glass set.

The renders shown here are created in MAX and V-Ray.

A related mesh model product, and a Realflow Zinfandel Pouring Scene product are shown below.