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This portion of the Store presents Realflow scene files that are animations of liquids.

Each Scene product includes the complete scene file set in a clean and relatively compact form, full documention for the scene and any texture files used. If you are making use of the Maxwell Render lite program that is embedded in Realflow, a complete set of Maxwell Render Materials is included. If you are a MAX / V-Ray user, V-Ray 3.3 materials usually are available upon request, and for some scenes, they are included in the file set.

You can import the scene to Autodesk Max, Maya, Cinema4D or Lightwave for inclusion within architectural renders, for product development in advertising briefs, for use in games or for inclusion and/or extension-building in movies. Alternatively, you can use the Maxwell Render Lite program that is embedded within Realflow to directly produce draft and production quality still images and video files without leaving the Realflow program.

All Realflow Scene products in this Store are designed for general utility in a wide variety of circumstances.  All have some user-controllable features to allow you to tailor various features of the fluids to suit your needs. Features under your control normally have to do with the speed or volume of a fluid flow, with the turbulence of a liquid, or with the timing of an event, such as the length of time needed to return a bottle of wine to a table after filling a wine glass.

For the most part, I have placed your user-friendly controls in either the standard Realflow”settings” or in the simulation timing “curves.” I have avoided placing user settings in the Realflow Graphs, in scripts or in equations because these require more technical knowledge than many people in a production environment find useful. User controls and settings are clearly described in the documentation for each scene product.

Typically, the materials used in any Realflow Scene Product can be easily changed. A full set of Maxwell Materials is included for every scene and there are often alternative materials for the fountains and for the liquids.

Each product description includes a short “preview-quality” video of the moving liquid(s).  So check out some of these videos.

You should get the value you are paying for when you purchase a re-usable Realflow Scene product !  All Scenes are fully documented.  The document for each product describes the technical objectives of the scene, any special methods used to achieve these objectives, all critical (non-default) settings and the reasons for them, and a list of things you can safely change and should not change in the scene. The document is written in plain language and has illustrations where necessary.

A few of the Realflow Scene products presented here show the product documentation so that you can see their typical content. Take a look at the documents for the Wallsheet Flow 3 Scene or for the Modern Cubic Fountain Scene.

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