small image of Dyverso Rhone River Flow

This page supports a written tutorial (English) for making a simulation of the Rhone River, using Realwave, and alternately, the Dyverso solver. The person requesting this tutorial asked if Realwave could be used to create a simulation of the Rhone River near Lyon, including details of the river flow like eddies and whirlpools.

The tutorial is presented as a written document, rather than as a video for several reasons. First, the person making the request is new to Realflow and requires instruction in several types of basic operations. These are covered in the written document. Second, two different approaches are shown – one using the Realwave solver and one using the Dyverso solver. The Dyverso Solver approach probably is easier for a beginner to use for a large project such as this. Third, while a video is best for illustration of a Realflow technique, making a simulation of a river and of its various details is a large project. This document describes processes for making and staging the general riverflow, and processes for adding details.

The image  shown above is a quick (prevew-quality) render of the Rhone made with the River with the Dyverso solver.  You can roughly compare the Realflow render with the photograph below that was taken several years ago and is available in the Getty commercial library

gettyimage of rhone near lyons

The written tutorial begins with the Realwave approach and shifts to the Dyverso approach in the second half of the tutorial. One of the strengths of the tutorial is that the reader can compare the two approaches for this kind of a project.

Here are download links to the more complete tutorial document that is in DRAFT Status and links to the available Realflow Scene file sets for the tutorial.

Draft Tutorial Document   UPDATED 8/24/2017  Approximately two-thirds of the written tutorial is complete.

The “Basic River Rhone Scene” that contains the full-width river in a Realwave form.

The C4D Version of the Realwave Sheet Tester Scene

The version of the Realwave Sheet Tester Scene for Maya and Max users

The Statistical Spectrum Scene for applying a full-sheet deformer to the Realwave sheet

The Vortex Sculpter Scene for learning how to animate objects that create ripples in a Realwave sheet.


The Starting Scene for the Dyverso version of the River Rhone  exercise.