Security Information You Need To Know

We do ask you to provide some information about yourself during the process of making a purchase, or for downloading the free items.

Essentially, we would like your name and email address, because we need some means of providing you with updated models and Realflow scenes if needed.

If you purchase a model or scene here, or download one of the free items, your purchase comes with free updating as long as we remain in business.  For example, if new and improved MAX water materials become available, we will update all existing models to use them. If new versions of Realflow with improved simulation times are developed, we will update all are existing scene files. So, if you purchase a model or scene (or download one of the free items), we will automatically send you the new versions, or notify you of their availability. But we can only do this if we have a legitimate name and e-mail address for you.

Be assured that 1) we never will share your information with another party, 2) we never will commercialize your information and 3) we do not store your account information on our site, so it cannot be hacked from here.

We use to handle credit card transactions for and account information for Expandingwave.   When you make a credit card purchase here, it will take an extra few seconds, because we actually are creating an encrypted, tokenized link to Stripe. They are receiving your credit card data in their ultra secure server system, and we will later receive a payment from them through a different channel. If you wish to set up an account here to use in making periodic purchases, that account information will be taken by Stripe and held by them. Your private data and private credit card information will never be registered or stored on  We never have access to your credit card information ourselves, and we will access your name and address only for the purpose and only for the short time needed to update any products you have purchased or downloaded.

Feel safe here!

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