My “work name” is “Forester”, but I am Pam Case, a professional 3D model-builder, and retired forester/hydrologist.

Most of the work you will see here has been made with Next Limit’s Realflow software. I have been using Realflow since the application was first published in 2000. Prior to that time, I accumulated¬†about 35 year’s experience in looking at forest streams, rivers, waterfalls and other kinds of water bodies, plus a lifetime of looking at ocean waves and seashores. ¬†This long experience in closely observing nature helps in making sure that the models are physically correct, but also look good wherever some inevitable limitations in the software might take away from the final appearance of the model.

The models you see here have been developed over a period of eleven years, and then re-built for the store this year, using the most current versions of Realflow and Maya (for the non-liquid model components).