What is Realflow ?

In Image by Forester

Realflow, by Next Limit is a computer program that makes photorealistic water fountains, pools, waterfalls, running streams, and a host of other kinds of moving liquids.

It does this by simulating the physical properties of liquids as they react to external forces such as wind, gravity and compression. It can mimic the special surface tensions and other kinds of properties of a wide variety of liquids, ranging from wild oceans to honey and wine, or gooey chocolate frosting.

The Realflow program comes with a “lite” version of Maxwell Render – allowing you to make both very good quality still images and very good quality video clips of those fountains directly within the program. If you don’t have access to a dedicated high-end rendering software, you can still make high quality images and videos using only the Realflow program.

The Next Limit company provides plug-ins and a Renderkit for Realflow that allows you to transfer something such as a simulated water fountain or pool directly into (inside) your Autodesk MAX or Maya project, or into your Cinema4D project. You can then use the entire array of MAX tools with V-Ray, for example, to produce your arch viz walkthrough video, or VR episode. Your summer home garden will have moving fountain water, as well as trees swaying softly in the wind. Your college park walkthrough will have a soft breeze playing across the reflecting pool. Or, if you are an advertising agency, your wine pours will look great, and your eye-catching After Effects logo will splash vibrantly to anyone’s satisfaction.

Realflow also can produce very high quality static mesh models of the moving liquids captured at one point in time. Those can be exported as 3D models, and the 3D models used within almost any rendering program capable of accepting an *.obj file.