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Why Realflow ?

In Image by Forester provides static 3D models of liquids, and the full Realflow scene files to create animations of those same liquids. Why would an architect, an advertising agency or a scientific illustrator want the Realflow scene files, as opposed to the static 3D models?

There are two answers –

First, the Realflow program allows you to create physically accurate animated water objects and embed them in your arch viz walkthrough, or your scientific illustration. If you are an advertising agency, you can build an entire video clip that becomes part of your advert. For some cases, Realflow has sufficient tools to create the entire production clip, or a very high quality still image for your production.

Second, if your arch viz, or advert or illustration requires a 3D mesh model, instead of an animation, you can use Realflow to tailor the water object to suit your exact specification. For example, if your render or product shot requires a shorter waterfall or a higher fountain than one available in this store, you can use Realflow to shorten the waterfall or create that taller, more vibrant fountain spray. If your fountain needs more or less foam where it falls into the reflecting pool in the central plaza, you can do that too.

What about “Houdini” ?

Houdini is a very good product, of course, and I will happily provide Houdini models and scenes upon request. But I’ve found that Realflow provides far better control over each of its simulation programs, making it easier to get exactly the effect and appearance in your liquid that you intend. Realflow has four different simulation programs to suit simulation of a wide scale of liquids – ranging from microscopic crown splashes up to ranging torrents in storm-tossed seas. Houdini is excellent for large scale seas and flooded townships, but Realflow makes it possible to design precise effects into pouring wines and bubbling sodas, and equally precise effects in fountains and reflecting pools. So, for the architect or creative design professional, Realflow provides better control and can create a wider array of useful liquid products for the kinds of things delt with by such professionals.